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We can provide artwork on any surface, based on your own idea!

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The Artfarm :  Just come to visit ….. art studio, and discuss  your idea.


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Professional artwork from your idea

We convert your creative ideas in any special art project, to see the procedure go to orders.

Paintings with wood and iron structures placed in front to create special effects

3D artwork

3D artwork


Paintings with wood, iron structures  and sculptures are placed in front to create special effects.


Installations for outdoor EXPO’s

Cabin ART 2014

Cabin ART 2015

Cabin ART 2016






Public Price winner

Decor for Theater (kids)

decor based on theme FOREST

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decor based on theme SUN

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decor based on theme WATER

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How does it work ?


From start to realisation



We discuss the concept, place, colors and possible elements with you.


After a couple of weeks 5-7 designs are created and re-discussed, all the designs are at no costs and without any obligation.


If a design is chosen, after a re-discussion a final design will be presented, the work can start.

Customer Case: The entrance

chosen design


Great work for the entrance, brown and mountain landscape (220 x 95)


The requirements:


Large format, open view, for a brown / gray entrance wall in a loft.


The concept is discussed and after a few weeks 5-7 designs are made, the final design can still undergo some changes.



The latest design has been approved, with the comments:


The ducks must be turned into a group of small birds

The trunk should be smaller and lighter, more color in the background

Customer Case: The cottage

26 arcades with oak motif

Front fall colors

Side spring colors



Customer Case: Living wall

chosen design

Great work for the living room for an open feeling and peace


Comments on the chosen design


much less clouds.

Can the woman / lions be replaced by our children / dog.


Final discussion:

  The children all have to look at the horizon.

  Stand together and the left side needs more padding.

Customer Case: Double front door


Double exterior door with trompet l’oeil ‘flower passage’


Customer Case: Flying Swans

Flying swans in the living room, large work (180 x 80 cm) colors at work must be in accordance with the colors in the living room.


Use yellow as little as possible, preferably in the trend of the statue at the airport.


The Book


Luc Van Orshaegen

ART 1977-1997


€ 10

55 illustrations in full color

first edition

1.500 copies

just send us an email to get your version

The series : “ Making of ……

Several iBooks ,

1. making of …. LODI

2. making of …. Chart700

3. making of …. Artprojects

4. making of …. Artwork

5. making of …. Lokart

6. making of …. 3D artwork

7. making of …. special Orders

just send us an email to get your version

ARTBOX: a concept for renting art

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