Theme : 'Sunset'
200 x 95 cm
Requirements: Big size, open view for a brown/gray entrance wall

From start to realisation
We discuss the concept with you
After a couple weeks 5-7 designs are created and re-discusses

see the different designs with concept "sunset"

Client requirements:

big size, open view, for a brown/grey entrance wall

the different designs with concept "sunset"
the last one is chosen

Different designs are presented, without any obligation.

The last design is approved , with the remarks:

1. the ducks must be changed to a group of small birds
2. the three must be smaller and lighter, more color in background.
Other Examples

Theme: Music

- very big size, open view, for a taupe wall in the living

- musical family

- something must fly in the air

Theme: Ibis with Old masters

- The company name contain Ibis

- old masters

- wall must be covered
Other Designs
Recent designs